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6/15/06 02:53 pm

... I'm getting married tomorrow.



There's something quite incomprehensible about those two words in the same sentence. I haven't decided how to do my hair. We've only just begun to look at houses. Although, the Diggorys' have always lived at Ottery St. Catchpole, so that makes it pretty easy. It's a quiet country-type place, very quaint, very enjoyable. I think I shall like it there if we get a house there.

Goodness knows that I can't go home. And Fenwick Manor is big, but it's no expansive manor.

I shall have to remind Amos that I need room for Gwen. And I'll need a small barn....

I need to decide what I'm doing with my hair!!!!

6/12/79 09:38 pm




There's so much to do!

6/10/79 11:02 pm - So Expensive!

Well, we finally did it - Riley came with me and Amos's mum, Amara, and we went shopping.

It was so much fun.

After wasting an entire morning at hopelessly expensive stores, we took a break and had a fabulous lunch at this quaint muggle cafe right in the heart of London. As nervous as I was to meet Amara, she turned out to be quite sweet and with Riley to banter between the two of us, things couldn't have gone more perfectly.

Until, of course, we saw the dress.

It was the very first store we stopped at after lunch - some new place called "Rings, Wings, and Things." Odd name, I know. But Amara spotted the dress and I knew it was perfect.
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And just when we didn't think things could get any better, I laid eyes on a beautiful dress that I knew I wanted for Riley. Wonderfully enough, she ecstatically agreed.
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I'm so excited! It was sooo expensive. Okay, not horribly, but more than I had to spend. I've no idea how we're paying for the wedding, but Uncle Benjy says he and my future in-laws are taking care of it. ^-^ I love everyone.

5/20/79 03:07 pm

Owl to Amara DiggoryCollapse )

5/15/79 06:17 pm

I'm... pregnant.

I have no idea what I'm going to tell everyone - they'll soon find out, I'm sure. Riley found out first, and I told Amos immediately after. I've just owled my Uncle and I pray he's not upset- I owled him in early March about my engagement (as did Amos, the gentlemen he is) but Uncle hasn't sent a return. I hope he's not out on his job again. I don't know what it is but I don't much like it - he seems to come home stressed out and tense.

I wish I could tell Mom.

But I won't go near Dad. Ever again. So Mom can read it in the paper months from now, and know that she chose him over me. But I'll be happy with Amos.

I love you, darling.
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